[jitsi-dev] [jitsi] cmd + w to close chat in single window mode on OS X (#103)


I discussed this on the Jitsi IRC with damencho.

minor feature request. cmd + w is the standard OS X shortcut to close the current selected window. E.g. when creating a new mail in mail.app a new mail opens in a separate window. If then pressing cmd + w that window is closed while the program remains open.

Request: I have jitsi running in single window mode (which I hope will one day be the default delivery status, since having 3 or more windows open for communication is hard to manage and very confusing and cluttering).

Expected behavior: If in single window view I have one or more chats open I expect „cmd + w“ to close the chat which is currently highlighted. After that chat is closed highlight the last used chat or the chat to the left or whatever and allow me to again use cmd + w to close that as well. This continue until the user is in a state with no chat open (identical to opening jitsi in single window mode without any running chats).

Current behavior: cmd + w does nothing. (it does work if not in single window mode)
Shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

(Issue migrated from https://trac.jitsi.org/ticket/1233)


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