[jitsi-dev] Jitsi call on G722 via Fritzbox grunts like a pig



strange things happened: I connected Jitsi version 3885 via my Fritzbox 7320 Firmware 100.04.89. and called an internal line. (after complaints of people I called :slight_smile: )

Everything I say into Jitsi's mike comes out sounding like a boar or pig - the other way is mute. (the VU meter shows 2 or 3 bars and keeps frozen)

Disabling G722 solves the problem. Interestingly it keept working even though I switched of the two G711 flavours (PCMU/PCMA) as well.

Calling from the other line to Jitsi works fine though (probably it wouldn't select G722 anyway - I don't know why)

The piggy sound gets sent to the person called outside - so there is big fun there.

Any ideas, what's wrong? How are audio codecs selected?


PS. Nothing of use in the logs.


Hey Conrad,

Could you try to provide us with a Wireshark dump of such a call? If
you know of and have another (soft)phone which does not exhibit the
problem, a Wireshard dump of its G.722 call may be useful as well.