[jitsi-dev] [jitsi] Call info frame equivalent for signaling in account info (#29)

Adds an additional tab in the Account Info frame with an editor pane in which any additional information can be displayed. This can be seen as the equivalent of the call info frame but for chat/signaling information.
This patch also adds information to the pane with the remote server address and TLS information (if used), including a link to view the certificate.
The pane offers an easy way for anybody to add additional information before finding a more permanent first-class place in the GUI or to use it for more advanced information rarely needed by normal users etc.

(Replaces the previous pull request with same title as I screwed up this Git thing again AND again...)

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  git pull https://github.com/netmackan/jitsi tls-account-info-3

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-- Commit Summary --

  * Add an additional tab in the Account Info frame for showing any other information in a similar way as is currently possible in chat information frame. Note: The ViewCertificateFrame is duplicated from the call package so some refactoring is needed.
  * Clean up uncommented code.
  * Moved ViewCertificateFrame to dekstoputil as it will be used from multiple places
  * Removing duplicated ViewCertificateFrame
  * Add I18N strings.
  * Removed duplicated string.
  * Removing duplicated class.
  * Reverted unintentional change of indention.
  * Fixing line length
  * Removing trailing whitespaces on one line.
  * Reverting more whitespace changes.
  * More whitespace fixes.
  * Removing explicit font color selection.
  * Using an OpSet for the connection info.
  * Encapsulate OperationSetConnectionInfoJabberImpl in PPS.
  * Use InetSocketAddress as value object in OpSet
  * Fixed one more braces on its own line.
  * Correcting indention.
  * Using wildcard import as per project convention.

-- File Changes --

    M resources/languages/resources.properties (1)
    M src/net/java/sip/communicator/impl/protocol/jabber/ProtocolProviderServiceJabberImpl.java (28)
    M src/net/java/sip/communicator/plugin/accountinfo/AccountDetailsPanel.java (184)
    M src/net/java/sip/communicator/plugin/accountinfo/AccountInfoActivator.java (4)
    R src/net/java/sip/communicator/plugin/desktoputil/ViewCertificateFrame.java (3)
    A src/net/java/sip/communicator/service/protocol/OperationSetConnectionInfo.java (24)

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Replaced by #32


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Closed #29.


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