[jitsi-dev] jitsi android

Hello All

I do not know why android project is hold , dos it stop for ever ? i test
many android client that can support opus but jitsi is the best.

I am trying to get source from git and compile ...

I am using android studio and Gradli and i test with NDK 10d 9d 9 8c ...
but i get this error :

WARNING [Project: :app] Current NDK support is deprecated. Alternative
will be provided in the future.
:app:preBuild UP-TO-DATE
:app:preDebugBuild UP-TO-DATE
Error:(269) *** target pattern contains no `%'. Stop.
Error:Execution failed for task ':app:compileDebugNdk'.


org.gradle.process.internal.ExecException: Process 'command
'C:\Users\babak\AppData\Local\Android\ndk8e\ndk-build.cmd'' finished with
non-zero exit value 2

what is the solution ?

Best regards.