[jitsi-dev] Jitsi + android + XCAP


Dear developers,

I got a question regarding XCAP implementation in android version of Jitsi.

Is this functionality available now?


I am trying to setup XCAP presence but I can't see any packets from android
Jitsi client reaching my XCAP server.

Linux client is OK and is able to set its presence wia XCAP.

Have you configured XCAP options ? You will find them by going to
menu->"Accounts", "long press" on SIP account->"Account settings"->
"Presence" and finally in "Contactlist options" section there is
"Type" which has to be set to XCAP. Then other XCAP settings should
look similiar to those in Linux client.

If XCAP settings are configured and it still does not work we might
have a bug...



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