[jitsi-dev] Jitsi Android port and Registrarless SIP



I'm forwaring the thread to the mailing list, as it might be helpfull
for other users.

After rebuilding and starting fresh I was able to get *occasional* audio
call success with the 4.0.2 Galaxy Nexus. However, the majority of the
time, either the caller would believe the remote was "Busy" or it would
hang while initiating the call. I wasn't able to notice any clear logging
related to the hanging while initiating the call, but I did capture some
log output for the busy case. See attached. If you'd like more general
log info from the Galaxy Nexus I'm happy to capture some logcat output for

About the logs I don't see anything special. I've checked the ports
range messages and their meaning is that no preffered port ranges are
configured. I had the busy problem when UDP packets were being
fragmentated. Please try selecting only 1-3 audio codecs and let me
know if that fixed the problem.

I then switched to trying with the Galaxy S3 running 4.2.2 Cyanogenmod. I
can now consistently establish Registrarless SIP calls between two phones
or between a mac and a phone. Voice is working very well though the
sensitivity of the mic is quite high, not a real concern however.

When I enable video (on both devices) through the UI I see my local
preview, but not the remote's video. Looking at the logging It appears
that the camera is correctly capturing the video, but either isn't
broadcasting it to the remote or, I'm just speculating, the remote isn't
able to decode it.

When performing a Registrarless SIP call between the mac and a phone, the
phone correctly displays the mac's video as well as its local preview.
The mac does not display the phone's video.

In both scenarios, roughly 30 seconds in to the call the remote video area
displays a completely grey image with some minor video artifacts. It
remains that way as a static image.

I have tried playing with the video settings, but neither a change in
bitrate or resolution improves the situation. I did try the other codecs,
but from looking at the code I see that only H264 is supported at the

Yes only H264 currently works on Android.

Have you been able to successfully perform video calls between two Android

Are there any ideas you can suggest related to video calls?
What phones have you all tested on so far?

As a general observation, if I background Jitsi on the Galaxy S3, when I
reopen the application it appears as though it has restarted the
application, but it stays at the initial splash screen. I then have to go
in to the application manager and kill Jitsi.

In this case there must be some exception that occurs on startup. Logs
may help fix that problem.


busy_error_log.txt (1.94 KB)


On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 7:38 PM, Chong, Oliver L <ochong@mitre.org> wrote:

On 6/5/13 2:56 AM, "Paweł Domas" <pawel.domas@jitsi.org> wrote:


On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 9:28 PM, Chong, Oliver L <ochong@mitre.org> wrote:

A couple questions for you:

Is there any setup that I may have overlooked?
Under what configurations (if any) does Android Jitsi successfully make
If none, do you have an estimate on when it the port may be able to?
Since our particular interest is in Registrarless SIP, do you believe
it will be possible in the near future?

The calls should work, but may require some debugging. In order to
provide more information please change /assets/lib/logging.properties
and change

java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler.level = SEVERE


java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler.level = ALL

After that there will be more info available on ADB output(if Android
device is connected to pc via USB).

Here's the description on how to setup registrarless accounts:

I've just tried registrarless calls between Jitsi-Android and Jitsi on
PC. It worked for me. The ip of Android device must be known(it can be
found in advances wireless settings). Then it must be added to the
contact list on pc like it's in the description. Both accounts on
Android and PC should be sip registrarless.