[jitsi-dev] Jitsi Android Multi_Dex Implementation - source zip file with some of the jitsi common source removed


Sorry, look like I can only sent the few sources that I have modified. The
zip file cannot send via mail even cut to minimum.
You need to download the android-support-multidex.jar from internet

jitsi-bundles-dex.jar not further required.

I have modified the last Jitsi-Android released source to use the latest
Android mulitdex support. This eliminate the problem of 64K limit problem.

1. Run the modified build.xml to setup-lib for all the required jars
into libs directory

2. Run the build.gradle to create the apk file for installation and

Hope this of some help to your team in Jitsi Android development.


Tested working on the below environment Setup:

a. Windows 7

b. Eclipse Luna - installed with Gradle plugin

c. Java 1.7

d. Compiled Apk run on Galaxy Note-3 Lollipop

e. Gradle EnIDE on Eclipse

---- More Info ---------------------

Using Eclipse Luna and Gradle plugin v2.4 and other tools, running under
Windows 7 environment; I am able to perform the followings:

1. Successfully compiled & built Jitsi for Android with multiple dex, no
more dex-65K limit and with full debug capability. The dex are auto
generated by android multi-dex feature.

2. Automatic install apk onto device after build. But need to manual run and
using eclipse-ddms to hook up the device for debug.

3. Others additional tools you may found useful:

a. eclipse - JadClipse for Eclipse 4.x 4.0.0

b. eclipse Archive Utility 0.1.0

c. Windows - Java Decompiler version 1.0.0 (Emmanuel Dupuy)

4. With the above tools, I am able to fully extract the whole lib .jar files
into its sources/directories.

a. Import any single source file of the required java class for

b. And delete the imported java class (the imported source) from the
original .jar lib, to avoid class conflict during link.

This allows me to extract any single class source for modification without
extracting the full .jar lib classes.

Note: Found out that Jitsi .jar files are compiled for other platforms e.g.
windows. Have many unresolved classes when fully

extracted the source into jitsi-android for compiling.

5. In the attached build.gradle file

compile fileTree(dir: 'libs-asset', include: '*.jar')

"libs-asset" contains all the .jar class libs from jitsi-bundles-dex.jar -
build by build.xml

I make them in separate directory for debug purpose only. Can be combined
into the main libs for link.

Hope the above information can help the Jitsi team to continue develop the

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need further help.


CM Eng

Attached are the information for your reference:

Eclipse Plugin:

a. Enide Gradle
org.nodeclipse.enide.gradle.feature.feature.group Nodeclipse/Enide

b. Gradle IDE
Pivotal Software, Inc.

c. Settings for eclipse Gradle



CM Eng

build.gradle (2.65 KB)

build.xml (18.4 KB)

JitsiApplication.java (11.3 KB)


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