[jitsi-dev] Jiti's issues with increased DPI

I took some screenshots to show how Jitsi can't be used on my Dad's PC
due to the windows not scrolling and so important buttons, etc being

I tested with both his usual 1024x768 resolution (just using the
centre of his monitor) and with full 1920x1080 (I restarted Jitsi
after changing resolution). I also tried setting the shortcut for
Jitsi with the Compatibility setting "Disable display scaling on high
DPI settings" which normally fixes the problem with a lot of
applications but it didn't help with Jitsi.

I didn't have a chance to test with normal 100% DPI but I can't think
what else would be causing this problem, so I imagine if I had Jitsi's
windows would have displayed properly.