[jitsi-dev] JingleNodes Relay Issue


Dear all,

For those who doesn't know the topic yet I might give more information if needed (I've reported a issue on user's list describing a problem with Jitsi >= 2.10 and Jingle Nodes Relay).

    Here is the previously topic:



        "/We used audio calls via XMPP in Jitsi 2.8.5470 with a Openfire
        server (4.0.3) and a Jingle Nodes plugin (0.2.0).//
        //Two of our Jitsi clients could not establish a direct
        connection and have to use the Jingle Nodes relay on Openfire,
        that worked without a problem with Jitsi version 2.8. But then
        we updated to a new Jitsi version 2.10.5550 using the same
        configuration and we noticed 2 things://
        //a) It takes a considerable amount of time more to establish
        the call.//
        //b) The call is established but has no audio which renders it
        //Why is the "new" version of ICE so much slower and why does
        the calls over Jingle Nodes no longer work? Anyone else got this?/"


Now, I'm writing here as we are trying to figured out where could be the problem and eventually fix it.

So here is something we figured out as far as we got:

1. we noticed that the problem happens when Jitsi 2.10 is receiving
    the call. Calling from Jitsi 2.10 to 2.8 works.

2. We have included new connection log, and detected the following:
    this is how MergingDatagramSocket should look like when we use a
    direct connection

    2017-11-17 10:12:12.842 SEVERE: [620]
    org.ice4j.socket.MergingDatagramSocket.log() XXX initializing the
    active container,
    socket=org.ice4j.socket.MultiplexingDatagramSocket@65dbffdd; remote
    2017-11-17 10:12:12.842 SEVERE: [620]
    org.ice4j.socket.MergingDatagramSocket.log() socketContainers: 1
    2017-11-17 10:12:12.842 SEVERE: [620]
    org.ice4j.socket.MergingDatagramSocket.log() SocketContainer:
    / -> null
    2017-11-17 10:12:12.842 SEVERE: [620]
    org.ice4j.socket.MergingDatagramSocket.log() SocketContainer newActive

    We have also included a new configuration to debug and avoid the use
    of dynamic host, on "IceUdpTransportManager(CallPeerJabberImpl
    callPeer)" (IceUdpTransportManager.java), as following:

      if we use our JingleNode Relay via
    "false")", then we get:

    SEVERE: [620] org.ice4j.socket.MergingDatagramSocket.log()
    socketContainers: 0
    SEVERE: [620] org.ice4j.socket.MergingDatagramSocket.log() No
    SocketContainer found!

We still looking for a solution, but if anyone has idea what this could be related or something else we should test would be nice to have a tip.
I'll be online on #jitsi channel on IRC with the nickname ianmaciel.

Best regards,

*Ian Koerich Maciel*
Pesquisador Desenv. Software
Fundação CERTI
(48) 3239-2078

<http://certi.org.br/midiassociais> <http://certi.org.br/midiassociais> <http://certi.org.br/midiassociais>

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