[jitsi-dev] Jingle Nodes problem


Hi Thiago, all,

We have some problems with Jingle Nodes. We setup OpenFire 3.7 with jingle nodes plugin and calls between two Jitsi randomly success or fails. On the server when call failed, we see the ICE connection checks coming from interface but are not forwarded.

OpenFire server is located the internet and we test as follow to use Jingle Nodes:
- peer 1 and peer 2 are on the same LAN;
- disable IPv6 on peer 1;
- block IPv4 local connections (192.168.x.x/24) between peer 1 and peer 2 via iptables;
- launch call.

In attachment, one archive that contains logs and pcap capture for one success call and two failed calls (caller and callee).


jingle-nodes.tar.bz2 (37.6 KB)