[jitsi-dev] Jigasi - a suggestion


I like the fact that Jigasi allows Jitsi conferences to dial out to, or be
dialled in from, a standard SIP server such as Asterisk.

However, when dialling in, it's necessary to add a special SIP header "Jitsi-
Conference-Room" to tell Jigasi which conference to connect the SIP user into
(or else they get connected in to the default conference room specified in

I have a suggestion regarding the need for this header.

Could the conference room which is to be connected to be the user part of the
SIP invite?

This would make it far easier to connect Jigasi with different types of SIP
server, where it's not always possible to add special headers in the SIP

Here's an example of what I mean, using Asterisk, where the requirement is to
dial a number starting with 42, the remaining digits (or letters) of which are
the conference room to be connected to. I'm assuming that Jigasi is
registered to the Asterisk server as the user 'Jigasi'.

1. The current system:

exten => _42.,1,SIPAddHeader(Jitsi-Conference-Room: ${EXTEN:2})
exten => _42.,n,Dial(SIP/Jigasi)
exten => _42.,n,Hangup

This requires a SIP server where it is possible to add the special header.

2. Alternative version, where the SIP user is the conference to be joined:

exten => _42.,1,Dial(SIP/Jigasi/${EXTEN:2})
exten => _42.,n,Hangup

This uses the SIP connection as a trunk, where any user can be "dialled" over
the connection, and the system at the remote end (Jigasi in this case) is
responsible for connecting to the appropriate "user". It doesn't change the
way in which Jigasi registers to the SIP server in any way.

This would be far more flexible with SIP servers which cannot add non-standard
headers, because they would simply need to dial a normal user extension over a
SIP trunk.

Would this be possible to implement?

I did try taking a look at the source code, but since I know Java not in the
least, I wasn't actually able to find where the conference room name is
extracted from the special SIP header when the call comes in - I could find the
default room name taken from the config file, but not the per-call header.




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