[jitsi-dev] Jicofo multidomain support

Thanks for the trick Pawel.
I will try it soon... very soon and report you if it works.


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</div>Hey Franck,

Hi guys,

Is there a plan to support multidomain by Jicofo ?
I mean that we try to plug multiple jitsi-meet front-end to access our
common videobridge resources. For example an operator would like to provide
access only for its community through its own jitsi-meet instance e.g
https://meet.example.bzh and another one through https://meet.example.fr

If you want to re-use whole infrastructure
prosody+jicofo+jitsi-videobridge you could try to deploy only
jitsi-meet on different domain and configure it connect to your
infrastructure hosted on different domain by editing config.js:


I've never tried that, but it might work with CORS configured correctly ?



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