[jitsi-dev] JavaSoundCodec the Bridge and filtergraphs


I have been experimenting with creating a processor using the bridge without first removing JavaSoundCodec.

What I have found is that JavaSoundCodec produces null output formats in the array of supported output formats. Hence I have taken the simple step of changing ProcessEngine.java so that when
it encounters a null output format in doGetSupportedOutputFormats it simply ignores it.

                 // Add the output formats to the collected list and
                 // check for duplication.
                 boolean found;
                 int j, k, size;
                 Format other;
                 for (j = 0; j < outs.length; j++)
                     if (outs[j]==null) {
                     // this is a problem in JavaSoundCodec that it produces null formats.

I think there may be a problem with other codecs producing some null entries in the output formats, but for now that gets me round this particular difficulty.



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