[jitsi-dev] Jabber Status



I have the impression that sometimes the Jabber status isn't set to Online automatically:

I have two Jabber Accounts with different servers (gmx and jabber.ccc.de) which are crosswise on each other's roster.

When I start Jitsi, one of these accounts doesn't come online - the contact stays grey on the other account.

It stays that way until I set the status to Online again manually, by selecting that option again in the combobox above(despite the fact that the status has always been "Online") Nothing unusual is in the log.

I have the impression that a scheduled reconnect of my Internet provider prevents my other Jitsi instance far away at home from coming back online: There I have two accounts configured: one Facebook - which btw. never fails (but is useless for Jingle calls) and another one jabber.ccc.de.

The latter one would be available for ca. 24h (until the next forced line disconnect) and disappears then. To allow me to call home, someone has to restart Jitsi there.

It hasn't be that way all the time - but I observe it for maybe a week or so.

Any ideas where to dig further? What's wrong? Any link with the changes done to the DNS resolution lately?