[jitsi-dev] Issues with large meeting on meet.jit.si

Dear developers,

I am reporting on issues with Jitmeet. I don't have the log of the
session which I guess makes this report less useful, but anyway....

We tried to hold a large meeting (10-15 participants) yesterday in
meet.jit.si . With first 5-6 people, the audio/video quality was good.
However, as more people were joining, the platform started giving us
troubles in terms of some people not being able to hear / see other. The
problem was not audio/video quality as such, but a mutual disconnection
of some participants. It followed similar pattern as I reported in
another thread (Meet.jit.si and chosen urls). We also chose custom url,
but afaik, this should be the cause.

Let me know if sending you usl of our session would be any helpful for

The issues we had are best illustrated by description from one of my
colleagues (below)




most people could hear just fine
and hear the people who were speaking
but nobody could hear them
e.g. fatima, karen, eunice and i could all speak and hear one another
not see one another
but chat came in later and we couldnt hear her, erika either
but they could hear us