[jitsi-dev] Issues in sending DTMF tones to GoogleVoice



I am using jitsi-1.0-beta1-nightly.build.3651-x64.exe installer from the
latest builds, And i hooked jitis to GoogleVoice, i have turned off call
screening in GoogleVoice even then its not allowing me to turn off that
feature, anyway the problem is jitis is unable to send DTMF tones, probably
looks to me as if it is using RFC standard but Google Voice is not
recognizing and requires audio DTMF streams to be injected. I am unable to
accept calls in google voice, however outgoing calls from jits to any other
phone works great. Both ways audio works awesome!

I have hooked GoogleVoice though an SIP as well before and it worked only
when i had turned on the Audio instead of DTMF RFC implementation. Now am
not sure how outgoing calls are handled to send number (Audio DTMF or RFC