[jitsi-dev] Issue: Restarting a video-stream (Cam or Desktopsharing)



I came upon a problem with Jitsi's video-streaming. It's always the same: The
first time I share my desktop or activate my camera everything is fine. But
when I close the vid-stream and try to open one again during the same call, it
doesn't work. I can see my cam/my shared desktop-region as usual but nothing
happens on the other client. So it's not possilbe f.e. to cam-chat with a
friend and then switch to desktop-sharing to help him with some settings as
video-transmission is dead after closing the first video-stream.

Tested between several Linux (OpenSuse 12.3 i386 and x86_64) and also one Win7
client in different combinations, in LAN as well as over Internet. Jitsi
version is 2.1.4573.10783 (latest nightly build) on OpenJDK As
I'm at work I currently don't have the logs handy but I thought you might want
to know as you are planning to release shortly.

Kind regards