[jitsi-dev] Issue Report: broacast message capability, tabs for contacts and more visibl current tab


Our company is testing Jitsi to replace our current jabberd client. There are a few things we are wondering if it's part of the new version or if it's doable with Jitsi.

1.) Ability to send broadcast message to everyone on my contact or a group of people. We are not planning to do a chat room but more of a system/company alert message where one user would be sending the same message to everyone in the company (or a group/a team of people). The receivers do not need to respond back or concern about whom the sender has sent the email to at all.

2.) Tabs for contacts. It happens very often that our managers will have to keep the chat windows up with a bunch of people. Right now the Jitsi's screen would become a left and right tab to scroll through the list and it is very hard for us to tell which user has sent us new message, especially if we go away for awhile and come back. The current system we are using puts the tabs into rows so that we can have a glance see all the contacts and which ones are flashing. Can we have an option to switch between scroll and rows?

3.) It is not that obvious which current tab you are on. I know you have made the name shown at the top of the screen and the bottom of the tray bar. Can we make it more obvious of the tab when you are talking to multiple people at the same time?

4.) When someone messages you if you have multiple tabs on, the * besides the name of your current tab is very confusing because often time that is not the person who messaged you. I can't find out easily who just messaged me with the tabs.

The system our company is currently using (but planning to switch) is called Pandion. It handles the rows for tabs, broadcasting messages, alerting the users about messages when there's multiple tabs very nicely. Maybe you can take a look at that one for reference.

Please let us know if those issues can be addressed soon!