[jitsi-dev] Is there a new Android release for Jitsi?

Hey Luis,

We don't have plans for a new android release in the foreseeable future.



On Thursday, February 19, 2015, Luis Listas <lfl@soeiro.com.br> wrote:


It seems that jitsi is the only FOSS xmpp/jingle client for Android which
allows text, audio and video conversations. However, the latest Android
build is from 2014/02.

1) Is there any new release somewhere?

2) If it's too much trouble to build it all for Android, what about a
stripped down version with only xmpp/jingle support? (since there are other
clients capable of handling IRC, SIP, etc, but no other XMPP client with
audio and video support for Android)

Thanks for the great work anyway.


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