[jitsi-dev] Is Jitsi serious?


My planned setup is to use open fire (3.8.1) with both jitsi and spark. Spark for just im and jitsi for video & im. So far had no problems working on LAN or over the internet to an openfire server. Multi party video is also working using the jitsi videobridge, but only tested on LAN, next is to test over the internet and then to install on the company WAN. But whole process is taking longer than i would like, real work keeps getting in the way.

How do we go about producing a list then?



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Exactly, (we have talked about that earlier) so it would be great if
jitsi would recommend some services to use and to register to. Also it
would be great if the error would be more specific (and
understandable, even I had to look it up) i.e.:
your provider (<providername here>) does not support xyz
remote provider (<providername here>) does not support xyz
could not establish connection: you/remote party too heavily restricted

I agreed with this last time we discussed it and also suggested criteria
for selecting "approved" services. Unfortunately no one has stepped
forward with a compiled list.



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