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Hello Conrad,

You might have a problem with your DNS. I.e. "ping6 jit.si" works for me. The IPv6 resolution of jit.si corresponds to "2001:41d0:2:4f31::4". This you can first try to ping directly this IP address.



On 28/11/13 22:14, Conrad Beckert wrote:

I have established IPv6 connectivity at both of my sites. I'd like to test
what's going on if two sides are IPv6. (Heaven- no NAT anymore!) For the time
being Jitsi always picked the NATted IPv4 peers. (even through JingleNodes)
Is it necessary that the XMPP server supports IPv6 either by configuration or
its own connectivity to enable a sixy :wink: P2P connection? ping6 jit.si -> no
avail. Are there other servers out there to test with?
Thanks for the info

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