[jitsi-dev] iOS webrtc

This is what makes sense but there are still issues.

Let me try to describe it another way.

You get the session-initiate.
You translate that into an SDP and do a SRD with type=offer
You get a SRD success callback. You call createAnswer.
You get a createAnswer callback with an sessiondescription whose type=answer
You do a SLD with the answer.
When you get the success callback, you transform the SDP to jingle and send it to the bridge/focus as session-accept.

i have this in progress to test in the morning.

The problem is that this implementation seems to not have callbacks for createAnswer or createOffer.

The existing callback implementations for sdp local and remote have the logic backwards for what i am doing, the google app engine does it opposite of this, so that kept messing up what i thought was
happening, now it makes sense.


Peter Mycue