[jitsi-dev] Integration Jisti Meet SDK in a react-native application


Hello there,

First time posting on a mailing list so please be clement :slight_smile:
(We already posted an issue on github (https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/issues/2616) but maybe our problem is more a dev thing.)

We are trying to integrate the Jisti Meet SDK in our existing react-native application (iOS and Android).
With android, we made a native module to launch an Activity that extends a JistiMeetActivity as described in the docs.
After linking SDK and building, our RN app launches properly, then we click the button to navigate to the JitsiMeetActivity and the app crashes with a react-native error "Application App has not been registered".
So we wonder if it is possible to run 2 separate react-native apps (jisti's and ours) in a single app?

If not, how can we build a react-native app integrating Jisti SDK in any way?

Thanks for replies