[jitsi-dev] Inputting and outputting math symbols


There is a long list of math symbols that can be specified as entities, or
as Unicode characters. I would like to have an xmpp solution that people
could use, that would allow them to input these symbols and see them
rendered in their messages.

I would like to add this to jitsi if no one else has done so.

(Mathml input/editing/rendering is a next and larger project that I also
think would be ueful, but it would be almost entirely orthogonal. Allowing
negated versions of the symbols would also be possible without going into
full-blown mathml.)

For input, no one should need to remember the Unicode character code, but
possibly people could remember the standard entity names. Does jitsi
already have a way for a user to enter these (or any entities) into a

For transmission, it seems to me that the symbols should just be transmitted
as Unicode characters.

Then there is display/rendering. I am not sure exactly how best to do it.

Bill Rowan