[jitsi-dev] incoming call script/contact number help? (ubuntu)


Ookay so I'm gonna try keep this short if I can but, I've been doing some
IT support for this small company, and they asked me to solve a small
nuinsance with Jitsi that when they receive a phonecall they cannot see the
contact name/nickname if they have the said number on their contact list,
they had recently changed VoiP/SIP software due of increased use of ubuntu
in the office.
At first seemed like an easy task, but for the last week it has infact
became a headache;
-I tried simple things like updating jitsi to nightly build, integrating
thunderbird contacts, tweaking DHCP/DNS, rechecking the proxy settings,
trying out different encryptions, trying to tweak the parameters after
spending long time reading exactly what the hell they, trying out typing
the contacts in different ways with their SIP addresses, contacting the
local company that setup the SIP in the first place, etc.
-I've read many mail lists, java archives, github...

result is that from what I understand, Jitsi should already do this, and
the nightly should especially help with the identifying, and as other
solution there was setting LDAP server, scripts, server configging, some
plugins thingies, but, lot of the stuff was very hard to understand/unclear.
Regardless, what I gathered on my issue was that the registered domain of
the SIP, server sidewise and the provider company's proxy might not send
the SIP address end somehow properly, which makes it harder for Jitsi to
read, or so? I am not 100% sure on it, but the biggest limitation is that,
I personally have no clue of the domain/server side software, and no access
either as of how it currently stands.So due of that, LDAP and other server
contact list paths went out of the window.

Thus the conclution was to make a script for oncallevent and I read on some
earlier maillists and java archives that you can pass paremeters to scripts
aswell it seems. But here starts the second issue; first, I have very
little to no experience with java and ubuntu when it comes to coding as I
have used more C based and windows, tho I do understand so far that since
it can identify the number and show it, it should be able to pass the
number/adress to a script, run a simple identification of string (aka the
phone number), see if it matches with number linked to name, and then make
a custom prompt to return the name if there is a match. Since the needed
contacts to ID is kinda small, I probably won't even need to make any
seperate files for the contact listing and could probably just put in the
code itself as cases and update it if needed.

Now here's the question; since this is for ubuntu and jitsi, I am not sure
how to approach it all, as I am clueless about what actually is the
var/value/module that is normally shown on the incoming call prompt for the
number value itself so I can snatch it, I've been trying to look at the
mailing list and the API list but I am unsure on how it goes as I have no
java experience and lot of the instructions/answers on similiar things are
unclear, and I really do not have constant access on the office machine
with the Jitsi as the customer service needs to use it quite a lot, so just
experimenting around is pretty hard to do in my case.
Secondly, the scripts type; Since this is ubuntu aswell, am I forced to go
with java or what are the most simplest/C familiar options to make this

Ofcourse if there's already some sort of scripts/plugins/parameter tweaks
that do this already, that would also be good to know off, finding info on
jitsi related scripts and plugins has been quite difficult to search for
and results dont tend to be what looked for in many cases.

also I wasn't sure if I was to send it to user or dev list so sorry if this
was the wrong place to ask but I went with this due of the script mentions
on the description.