[jitsi-dev] Improving Speech-to-Text in Jitsi Meet | GSoC 2018


I am Nilay Arora, a sophomore currently studying Computer Science
Engineering at BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus, India. I wish to apply for GSoC
with your organization. I have a programming experience of over five years in
Javascript and Front-End Web Development and have gained substantial
command over many web technologies such as AngularJS, WebAPIs, jQuery, AJAX,
CSS, and HTML. Having done Object Oriented Programming (OOP) course in my
college, I am quite confident in JAVA, OOP concepts, and Design Patterns.

I am also a part of the 10 member team which creates websites and
applications for various festivals organized at BITS Pilani.

Some projects I have contributed to are:

1. https://bits-oasis.org - Official website for Oasis BITS Pilani which is
BITS' cultural festival.

2. https://nilay117.github.io/ - AngularJS WebApp for student-run Startup -

3. https://bits-bosm.org/2017/intro/ - Official website for Bosm BITS
Pilani which is BITS' sports festival.

4. https://bits-apogee.org/2017/ - Official website for Apogee BITS Pilani
which is BITS' technical festival.

While going through your project ideas I was fascinated by the idea,
Speech-to-Text in Jitsi Meet**"**.*

Apart from Web Development, I would be interested in learning about
Speech-to-Text APIs, which is a major reason why I would like to work with
your organization. Doing this project for your organization would help me
create a niche for myself and contribute to other projects your
organization works on.

Can someone help me get started?


*Nilay Arora*
*B.E.(Hons.) Computer Science Engineering*

*Mobile:- + 91-90576-73084*
*E-Mail:-* Personal <nilayarora1298@gmail.com> || University Emai

*Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani*

*Vidya Vihar, Pilani*
*Rajasthan - 333031, India*