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Buenas noches,Primeramente gracias por hacer una API/plugin video-chat.Estamos desarrollando una aplicación, en nuestro tiempo libre, pero ahora estamos implementando "jitsi" en nuestro servidor xmpp, pero hemos tenido problemas.No obstante hemos utilizado unos ejemplos de su propia web.https://jitsi.org/Projects/LibJitsiAVReceive2.java AVTransmit2.javaTenemos un problema de programación, no entendemos bien todos los parámetros, no sabes donde hay un "foro/soporte" para los errores de programación.Hemos publicado la misma página de openfire.Aquí nuestro problema:Nos gustaría saber cual es el error.http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/52204(No sabemos donde postear nuestros problemas, si nos dierais alguna web donde podemos postearlo sería una gran ayuda)Un saludo.
Goodnight, Firstly thank you for making an API / plugin video-chat. We are developing an application, in our spare time, but we are now implementing "Jitsi" in our xmpp server, but we've had problems. However we have used examples from your own site. https://jitsi.org/Projects/LibJitsi AVReceive2.java AVTransmit2.javaWe have a programming problem, do not understand all the parameters well, do not know where there is a "forum / support" for programming errors. We have published the same page openfire. Here is our problem: We want to know what is wrong. Nos gustaría saber cual es el error.http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/52204(Do not know where to post our problems, if we dierais any website where we can post it would be a great help)
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- I discuss my problem :
We are develop developing an application tries to Incorporate That video, but Looked " Jitsi "We are proving Examples bases, and now info we have errors in them examples bases. Examples and API ( AVReceive2.javaAVTransmit2.java )https://jitsi.org/Projects/LibJitsi - AVReceive2.java- AVTransmit2.java our parameters are:LOCAL_PORT_BASE_ARG_NAME : deliveREMOTE_HOST_ARG_NAME : : 1000 now we are testing in java, then moved to android.We think That our parameters are incorrect , but we do not know .
We get this error in java: Information: Failed to initialize backend LibJitsi org.jitsi.impl.libjitsi.LibJitsiOSGiImpl . (Exception stack trace follows . ) Will try an alternative .java.lang.IllegalStateException : FrameworkUtil.getBundle. org.jitsi.impl.libjitsi.LibJitsiOSGiImpl at <init> ( LibJitsiOSGiImpl.java : 37 )at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0 ( Native Method)at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance ( Unknown Source )at sun.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance ( Unknown Source )at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance ( Unknown Source )at java.lang.Class.newInstance ( Unknown Source )at org.jitsi.service.libjitsi.LibJitsi.start ( LibJitsi.java : 227 )at org.jitsi.service.libjitsi.LibJitsi.start ( LibJitsi.java : 171 )at AVTransmit2.main ( AVTransmit2.java : 327 )