[jitsi-dev] implementation of libjitsi Spin-off (GSOC) project

Hi all,
I sent the same email as below to this list two days ago, but it
probably got lost somehow because I didn't get any response since
then. I am sorry if this is a duplicate.

My name is Martin Zukal and I am a second-year PhD student at the Brno
University of Technology, Czech Republic.
I posted a question (and got an answer) to this mailing list regarding
the implementation of video capabilities and possibilities of running
the code from an applet in February this year.
After that I came over your ideas page for Google Summer of Code 2012
and I found the project “libjitsi Spin-off ” very appealing. However,
I didn't manage to apply for the project because of duties at the
I have noticed that the project haven't been selected for GSOC so I
decided to offer you that I will do my best and try to complete the
project. I have five-year Java programming experience and I am
comfortable in using tools like Eclipse IDE, SVN, Jira etc. but I have
never contributed to any open-source project before. I am also
familiar with the Jitsi source code because we wanted to use it in one
project at our university.
Please let me know whether it is possible to contribute to Jitsi in
this way. If so, can you please provide me with detailed information
about the project? I would also highly appreciate if someone could
guide me during the period I will work on the project.
Best regards
Martin Zukal