[jitsi-dev] How to use Jitsi Videobridge



I am developing an AV Conferencing app on Android & iOS platforms.

In a nutshell, I want to build an app similar to https://meet.jit.si, but
on Android & iOS using native Views (not WebView)

Server Technologies I want to use :
- Openfire XMPP Server
- WebRTC
- Jitsi-Videobridge plugin for Openfire
- Jitsi Server
- XEP-0340: COnferences with LIghtweight BRIdging (COLIBRI)

Client side :
- asmack library for Android
- XMPPFramework for iOS
- libjitsi on Android & iOS (Not sure yet OR in confusion whether to use it)

What I know already :
- Client app needs to request Jitsi Videobridge for Channels(combination of
- Jitsi Videobridge will return the port numbers as ICE Candidates.
Request/Response formats referred from XEP-0340.
- Using XMPP signaling, sessions can be established through these ICE
- Send/Receive the media to-and-fro
- I have tested Google's AppRTC app on Android & iOS.

Questions :
- Is there library for Android & iOS to communicate with Jitsi (I am not
getting how to use libjitsi as it contains both Java & C files)
- How to use XEP-0340 with Openfire (as it doesn't have support for this
XEP yet)
- Is there any resource of Jitsi Videobridge architecture and the necessary
APIs for establishing AV Conferencing. Examples for Android/iOS would be
- Does jitsi-android app use Videobridge too ?
- How to link WebRTC with Jitsi & XMPP from client side (Android & iOS)