[jitsi-dev] How to use Jisi Video Bridge as an media server?

Dear team,

I want to ask how can I config Jicofo to connect Jitsi Video Bridge on
another server. It's mean that I want to use Jicofo in Server 1. Then
Jicofo can connect with Jitisi Video Bridge in another servers, like Server
2, Sever 3.

Right now, in Server 1, I set component for Jitsi Video Bridge in Server 2:

Component "jitsi-videobridge.domain.of.bridge.server.2"

component_secret *=* "YOURSECRET1"

In Server 2, my sip-communicator.properties inside Jitsi Video Bridge
folder is:





But when I run this command :

sudo ./jvb.sh --host=localhost --domain=domain.of.server.1--port=5347 to
start Jitsi Video Bridge on Server 2, it said:

JVB 2018-03-26 18:59:49.614 SEVERE: [19]
org.jitsi.meet.ComponentMain.call().278 host-unknown, host:localhost,

org.xmpp.component.ComponentException: host-unknown

Can you tell me where did I config wrong?

Thank you guys so much.