[jitsi-dev] how to get started using libjitsi

I'm a newbie with Jitsi, and hope to get some start help using libjitsi.

My goal is to implement a sip client that I can call from internet
(preferably using any sip client)
When my client is called, it should automatically answer and start sending
video (not receive any video or audio).

the client has connection to an ip-camera and are decoding the h.264 video
using Xuggler.
Xuggler gives me an BufferedImage for each video frame that it receive from
the ip camera.

I hope to use libjitsi to encode a new video stream using these

Alternatively: If libjitsi can read and decode the rtsp stream from the ip
camera and do the following, i could replace Xuggler with libjitsi:
1. playback live audio/video on device
2. re stream the live content to the calling client

I hope someone in this mailing list can help me to get started.

Best regards