[jitsi-dev] How to disable sharing video first in meet client application?

i am in situation where i'll let group member's to watch all shared webcams
first..then if he want he can share his too, but not required..

​i understand this is my specify requirement thats why i didn't post to

here is what i've tried so far.

and call this when user want to share webcam

and change condition

function maybeDoJoin() {
    if (connection && connection.connected &&
        /*&& (APP.RTC.localAudio || APP.RTC.localVideo)*/) {
        // .connected is true while connecting?

​and above didn't work for me. and i get Jingle Object Error sometimes and
not remove videos ever displayed.

​let me where sholud i look to make this happen?​

so any let me know if there is an example of something that do simmilar
where numbers viewers are more then number of publishers.





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