[jitsi-dev] how to change the remoteratecontrol


I'm trying to set a different minimum bitrate for the transmission. So i in VideoMediaStreamImpl i changed the minbitrateBps parameter of RemoteBitrateEstimator:

private final RemoteBitrateEstimator remoteBitrateEstimator
        = new RemoteBitrateEstimatorSingleStream(
                new RemoteBitrateObserver()
                    public void onReceiveBitrateChanged(
                            Collection<Integer> ssrcs,
                            long bitrate)
                /* minBitrateBps*/ 2000000L);

to 20000000 instead of 0. But it doesn't seem to have an effect on the transmission, as if the program doesn't take it into consideration.

So the question is: how to change the minimum bitrate of my transmission ?

Any help will be very appreciated.