[jitsi-dev] How to change resolution and frame rate (FPS) of Jitsi?

If I want to prioritize resolution over fps, will it be enough to change the defaults in Java code as shown by @Guus_der_Kinderen above?

I’m going to use Jitsi for remote inspections: a mobile client will stream video with a lot of movement and image complexity, which should be preserved, while FPS may go as low as 13.

Currently I’m testing the Android client from Play Store on a 801.11n network, and while the bandwidth floats just below 2Mbps, the FPS stays around 30, while resolution drops to 480 and 360p. I need it to behave the opposite way.

My second question is about degradationPreference. Is it useful at all, and should it be tweaked as well in my use-case? I didn’t find it in mentioned anywhere in the codebase.

Thanks, everyone!

What values are allowed at config.js ?
Some w3c specs link in documentation?
Can I set this?

ideal: 360,
max: 576
min: 180

Does the new SDK solve all the problems?

@damencho @bbaldino sir the below settings its ok or will work?
aspectRatio: 4 / 3,
ideal: 640,
max: 640
min: 180

Thank You



I see:

hosts: {
// XMPP domain.
domain: ‘jitsi-meet.example.com’,

Should this be changed to the local server name, or is the file just a template?

As far as I know, that is just a template, the real config.js you should edit is in /etc/jitsi/meet/-config.js

Thanks, I failed to notice.
Strangely, the test I ran today worked well with 16 people on the call. The only problem was they had no muting discipline.

Hello, how can I control the video resolution in android app, kindly help. Thanks

Someone please help