[jitsi-dev] Hello, i'm like to address an annoying issue...


Resending this message to y'all at Jitsi, please read and I mean no harm or
Thank you for telling me that I sent this message to the wrong mail-list,
i'll be sending this to the "dev" mail-list and
I hope this helps! =)

- Jake Well



Hello to the team of Jitsi.
First I want to say thank you for making such an nice and open-source
program, an great alt to Skype I must say!

The issue I like to discuss has to do with creating an new account through

Here's the problem:
Creating an account.

Creating an account is very easy, yes...but you get no options/email
message (if you entered an email), or anything to
help configure or confirm what your new account is and what it's address is
(e.g johnsmith@jit.si).

Another problem...very major and surprising...is if you put an space in the
username you're creating.
I created a account with the Username "Jake Well" and after creating it,
got an lil message saying "account created successfully".
Nothing more but that. I also entered an email expecting an message
confirming my account but non has shown up.
Even checked my spam folder to see if it went in there, nope just nothing.

I went to follow the instructions to sign into my newly account expecting
no problem at all.
First I enter my username as such "jakewell@jit.si" and then my password
into Jitsi but what happen was that
I got an authentication error saying I entered my password wrong! I entered
my password again multiple times to no avail.

I then re-try creating an new account with the username "Jake Well@jit.si"
and still it didn't work. (well this is expected as no address has a space
but I tried)
With all of this I pretty much stopped...and again tried to look up the
instructions to see if I did anything wrong but...I did exactly as it was

After a while...I chose to create another account using the same username
(thinking it wasn't created or something like that) but
I got an message saying "???registration.sign.up.user_exist???" and that's
when I felt both confused and a bit frustrated wondering how I was gonna
use my new account.
Annoyingly...I see my username that I entered before in the username field
but different. Apparently the space in my username was causing the
problem...instead of entering
"jakewell@jit.si" or "Jake Well@jit.si" I had to enter "jake\20well@jit.si"
which connected and work.

...You gotta be kidding me...this whole time I had to enter that?!
What's more frustrating is that I didn't know this at all as I wasn't told
what my new "address" was or anything!

This is honestly the worst account signup I ever done and I hope you guys
seriously fix this issue soon.
For an site that's been going on for many many years, i'm surprised this
hasn't been fixed at all.

Please fix this, just please...for the sake of making signing up to Jitsi
more easy and better, you guys have to fix this horrid
problem. You know what's worse? I can't even change my username and get rid
of "\20" in my username as it's apparently permanent.

Best alternative to skype, yes...but worst account signup on Jitsi, very
You guys are better than this and I understand that y'all are busy and hard
at work but...this is a single issue that needs some serious fixing.
I bet fixing this will help make this program be used more than before...I
certainly will tell my friends to make an account on Jitsi if this is fixed
as I believe
this is an amazing program.

Sorry if I sounded harsh or mean...i'm just a bit frustrated and all.
Please don't take this message personally, I really respect and love y'all
for making this and want to wish y'all the best!
Keep on being awesome hehe!

Anyways that is all, please reply to this message and that is all! ^^



\20 actualy means space in urls while this does not solve your problem
its an interesting fact.
i guess you will need to create another account if you want another
Your mail implies that you think that jitsi and jit.si are a bundled
client+network. i just want to clear this missunderstanding: jitsi is
a client for many networks, one of those is the XMPP (formerly jabber)
network, which works like email for im: you can register at any server
and yet reach anybody; your adress is username@server.tld. jit.si one
of the XMPP servers in the XMPP network.

- --
Yannik V�lker


I think easiest all round would be to simply restrict what characters
can be used in usernames in the first place to those that are legal in
XMPP. I'm frankly surprised that \20 worked... I guess the conversion
is done during registration?



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\20 actualy means space in urls while this does not solve your problem
its an interesting fact.
i guess you will need to create another account if you want another