[jitsi-dev] Having problems in CentOS7 building jicofo.

Hi Jitsi Developers,

How are you doing these days?

I have been building jicofo and trying to make it work with jitsi
videobridge in *CentOS7*.
But I still have some problems in building and running.
I followed the steps in the build.xml and I have put the maven-ant-tasks
jar in ~/.ant/lib, and did using "-lib $PATH" option, but the jicofo
building process still saying "Problem: failed to create task or type

And I have 3 questions:
1. Have you ever built jitsi-meet projects in CentOS? And is that CentOS7
or CentOS6?
2. If you have succeeded in building jitsi-meet projects in CentOS7, which
version of ant and maven are you using? I'm using the default maven in yum
installation (Apache Maven 3.0.5 (Red Hat 3.0.5-16) ), java 1.7.0_85 and
ant 1.9.2. Shall I upgrade or downgrade the java environment?
3. If you have not done in CentOS7, do you have a customer using CentOS, or
do you know who or which organization I can turn help to?

Not sure if:
1) There's some more setup I need to do for this to work
2) I caught master at a bad time and something is actually broken?
3) I'm an idiot and I missed something obvious
4) All of them above...

Thanks for your patience and help~