[jitsi-dev] H.264 RTP Help


i have been crashed a hard problem for a month..i googled..i read..but still can't figure it out.. so i would like ask you guys for help .. i would like to buy the guy who can help me a cup of coffee :slight_smile:
since i am a newbie in fmj and try to write a demo, basically i want to:1. Get the camera devices. 2. Send the captured video via RTP Packet with payload type H.264.
now i have the first step implemented through directshow, then i can get the video in panel.. but can't send out.. i got "javax.media.format.UnsupportedFormatException: Format of Stream not supported in RTP Session Manager"message when i run the codes in attachment(launcher.java). i know i should reg the format in RTPManager .. but even i do so..i still won't work... anyone would like to do me a favor??

Launcher.java (7.8 KB)