[jitsi-dev] Guide: Building generic linux installer


I've spent today many hours to build a generic linux installer.
Installer built under Windows 7 x64, with "old fashion" IzPack.

- all condition to successfully build windows installers (described in Jitsi-BuildInstallerGuide.pdf )
- install IzPack (lastest version from http://izpack.org/downloads/) http://dist.codehaus.org/izpack/releases/4.3.5/IzPack-install-4.3.5.jar
installed under c:\Program Files\IzPack
- download a complete JRE for Linux (tgz format), and uncompress (!) it under c:\jre\jre_linux\ directory.

- modify installer.properties file (use double backslashes in path!):

- change ant-build-config.properties: remove <,> characters from email address. (XML value doesn't contain greater/lower chars!)
- modify installer-linux.xml: replace HelloPanel2 to HelloPanel (no 2 at the end) because IzPack has no HelloPanel2 class.

Build it from Cygwin shell.
$>cd <jitsi-root-dir>
$>/cygdrive/c/apache-ant/bin/ant build-installation-linux

Installer tested on Ubuntu x64 kernel.

———————————————————— Indamail ————————————————————

Az Indamail ingyenes levelezőrendszer.

2 GB tárhely, testreszabható megjelenés, működés.

1 GB-os file-küldés ingyen, gyorsan! Indamailezz Te is!