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My name is Marcin Mieteń and I study Computer Science at the Warsaw
University (Poland).

I participated in same IT project which was created by Warsaw University in
cooperation with Samsung company. For me it was a half part time job but
It also gave me opportunity to write about it my *Master's thesis (*I'm
writing it now ). This project was connected with *Rich Communication
Suite<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rich_Communication_Suite> (some
information about RCS is
), *IMS, SIP, SIMPLE. My role in this project was to implement Instant
Messaging which in RCS was based on OMA
and server). This project gave me huge overview and experience with sip
(JAIN sip, Wireshark, networking).

I would like to participate in gsoc and I think that your project (*Chats
for SIP Conference
*) is exactly for me. I have created similar protocol for Conference IM.

RFC4579 and RFC 4575 are well known for me because OMA SIMPLE is also based
on it. You wrote that MSRP for example would be an overly heavy choice. As
you say SIP MESSAGE method could be good choice. and I am sure that it would
be easier to implement then solution with MSRP.

I can propose just similar solution to OMA SIMPLE where instead of sending
instant messages by MSRP we could send it using SIP MESSAGE. More or less it
would look like this:

1. Oryginator would send INVITE(with participants list in body) to focus
2. Focus server would respond OK to oryginator and next would send INVITE
to all participants from participants list.
3. Everybody would accept invitation.
4. Now everybody would have established a session and can start sending SIP
MESSAGES through SIP Dialog to focus server which next send it to all
participants of Conference.

Of course I don't tell about all details (like subscribing to conference

What do you think about this solution? Are you interested in taking me to
your team in GSoC 2011?
I can send you more information about me if you want.

(sorry for my English)

Marcin Mieteń