[jitsi-dev] GSOC 2014 html5


I am currently doing a Master's degree in France ( /Universit� Claude
Bernard/ Lyon 1) and i am interested at participating in the project of
creating an HTML5 user interface for jitsi.
Being a user of Jitsi myself, i found it intriguing to contribute on a
new feature for it, let alone a web interface which i carved for as well!

I had a look at the jitmeet page, installing the project on a server to
have a look at it, and at the projects page but i have a question if the
project is entirely front-end development or back-end as well. I would
like to know as well the expectations of the project and the skills
needed to accomplish them.

I have a good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 which i gained from various
jobs as a freelancer or as an intern, as well as knowledge in JAVA which
i gained at the university. Here is my personal website www.oioannou.com

Best regards,

Orestis Ioannou