Greetings to all at Jitsi,
For months I have been looking for an open source VOIP (Voice Over
Intranet Protocol) that will meet up with a project am about to embark on,
and today I came across Jitsi.
Seriously, I give kudos to you guys.
However, I will like to know if according to my (coined VOIP meaning
above), Jitsi can make a Server and a Client app for my project.
I came across an app named "BIGant" which can be downloaded at
http://www.bigantsoft.com/download.html, This is exactly the type of
function I was saying and also I wish to have features like add accounts
which is on Jitsi and some other features like add friends,username and so

The Project Idea is to make Higher institutions students and lecturers with
WiFi powered devices to make calls, IM and transfer files to each other
free of charge in as much they are on same WiFi network.
And to make this more easy to access, Mobile client Apps with voice call
and IM functionality will also be needed e.g Blackberry and Android OS.
This is the summary of the project idea.
I wouldn't know if Jitsi can help out in anyway to make this a success,
although its meant to be a new app name, but Jitsi will always be on the
developers about tab.
And when the project comes live, Jitsi will always be stated on the
project frames.
I will be very happy if Jitsi can make us work together on this, and help
me out, thanks.

NB: For any further questions, kindly mail me and I will surely reply.

Julius A.