[jitsi-dev] Google Voice telephone calls fail behind NAT firewall



I have been testing the jitsi nightlies since the early 10200 builds and
been unable to make a outbound Google Voice telephone call.

I have tried this under Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.8 with nightlies as
recently as 4455.10417.

My firewall situation is as follows:
1. UPNP disabled, behind NAT firewall
2. UPNP disabled in jitsi
3. Call goes through and receiving end picks up the phone
4. "ICE processing state failed" in jitsi and it aborts the call
5. Receiving phone can remain on the call in silence

Voice chat via xmpp/gingle works fine (inbound/outbound).

If I enable UPNP, or put the machine in DMZ, jitsi works great.

Unfortunately, UPNP is not available in most environments that I want to
use jitsi for Google Voice calls.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.