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Hi Yana,

Hi Pawel,

Hi Emil, Yana,

How about making notifications per contact instead per type ?

There are 2 different aspects here. The first aspect is what notification icons we show in the status toolbar and when. The second is what we show when the user slides open the notification area and shows the notifications.


I think we should have: 1 message icon, no matter how menu messages we have received (1 or +), 1 telephone icon for incoming calls and 1 status icon for status changes.

As soon as we open the notification area, we then could show messages and phone calls per contact. Tapping on the message should open the chat with this contact (and remove the associated notification). Tapping on the phone call should open the call history screen.

I'm not sure if I understood it right. But technically if we decide to
show notifications per contact then we can:
1. Merge calls and messages into one notification per contact. Small
icon will depend depend on the most recent notification and this will
be envelope for msg and phone for call. Then after we expand
notfication list there will be contact photo instead of this icon with
some summary. It's up to furher discussion and experiments on how to
do it best.

2. Display separate notifications for calls and for message per
contact. So if someone sends a message there will be envelope
notification and if he calls use there will be separate phone
notification. When we expand notifications there will be contact photo
on each of these, but for message there will be message body and for
calls some call history info.

2 nd will be easier to do for the start plus this will work as you've
described. Pressing call -> call history, pressing message -> chat.
1st seems to make sense when we show history between chat mesages. In
this case of course we can have separate global call history as you've



On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 5:03 PM, Yana Stamcheva <yana@jitsi.org> wrote:

On 22 Nov 2013, at 16:35, Paweł Domas <pawel.domas@jitsi.org> wrote:

We could include call history entries inside the chat like Skype is
doing it. Then when message/call notification for contact is clicked
this window will be open so that user sees calls and messages at the
same time. This also makes possible it to use contact's photo as
notification icon.

I'm not sure about that. In the case of Skype they have the same behavior in the desktop version, while in Jitsi we have separate screens for these events. I'm not against having a line in the chat notifying me that this contact has called, but I would still want to have a screen where I can check all my call history. That said this preference isn't related to the notifications, so if the others prefer that we open the chat even for missed calls and having a line there indicating the call information, I can live with that :slight_smile:

Non contact related notifications will appear as
Jitsi icon.



On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 12:00 PM, Emil Ivov <emcho@jitsi.org> wrote:

On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 11:57 AM, Yana Stamcheva <yana@jitsi.org> wrote:

Hi Pawel,

On 22 Nov 2013, at 11:44, Paweł Domas <paweldomas@gmail.com> wrote:

Also I need more info on how notifications should work in general on
Android. We've discussed that messages should have different icons
than missed calls for example. But should I make separate icon for
each or try to merge everything in one notification(icon) ?

One type of merge that comes to mind is to make list like displayed in
notification body like: "3 new messages, 2 missed calls". It will be
displayed on Jitsi icon and on the left of "3 new messages" there will
be envelope and phone icon next to calls. What do you think ?

I personally prefer to group notifications by type: calls, messages, status. I think this mimics better the default behaviour on Android and is more intuitive to the user.

OK, I can leave with that, as long as:

1. It is possible to hide the main icon through configuration
2. All icons are different.

You can forget about my earlier request to always use the same icon.


And by the way there are no missed calls notifications at the moment
on Android or I don't know how to trigger them. And there's no call

We should definitely implement that.



2013/11/22 Paweł Domas <pawel.domas@jitsi.org>:

Hi Emil,

On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 11:09 AM, Emil Ivov <emcho@jitsi.org> wrote:

Hey Pawel,

On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 10:59 AM, Paweł Domas <pawel.domas@jitsi.org> wrote:


What do you think about message appearing in notification icon "some
is writing a message..." on Android ?

I don't think we need an icon. I do think we should not vibrate.

For me it seems too intrusive I think it would be enough to show them
when chat with this person is open and only in chat window.

Well that depends ... I can definitely see myself in cases where I'd
like to know if someone important is about to send me a message so
that I can drop everything else.
I think it could be useful if we could just add test in the
notification area without any audio or vibration notification. If that
doesn't work then maybe we could also show a popup message.

Do you mean "add text"(not "add test") without sound and vibration ?

None of this is urgent though. The only important part is to remove
the vibrations for them.

I haven't explicitly specified to vibrate and it does not vibrate on
none of my devices, but I'll try to tell it not to vibrate in hope
this will fix it.

that this notification has the timeout and will disappear after a
while. Then when you unlock the phone to see what was that it's gone
and nothing to look for.

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