[jitsi-dev] Fwd: [rtcweb] Cisco to open source its H.264 implementation and absorb MPEG-LA licensing fees

I am not aware of evidence that would have Cisco's implementation
faster than X.264. Also the contribution seems to not include SVC
support ... but probably still worth posting ;).


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From: Jonathan Rosenberg (jdrosen) <jdrosen@cisco.com>
Date: Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 1:28 PM
Subject: [rtcweb] Cisco to open source its H.264 implementation and
absorb MPEG-LA licensing fees
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I’d like to make an announcement material to the conversations around
MTI video codecs in rtcweb.

Cisco is announcing today that we will take our H.264 implementation,
and open source it under BSD license terms. Development and
maintenance will be overseen by a board from industry and the open
source community. Furthermore, we will provide a binary form suitable
for inclusion in applications across a number of different operating
systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux x86, Linux ARM and Android ARM), and
make this binary module available for download from the Internet. We
will not pass on our MPEG-LA licensing costs for this module, and
based on the current licensing environment, this will effectively make
H.264 free for use on supported platforms.

We believe that this contribution to the community can help address
the concerns many have raised around selection of H.264 as MTI. I
firmly believe that with H.264 we can achieve maximal interoperability
and now, do it with open source and for free (well, at least for
others – its not free for Cisco J)

More information on the open source project can be found at
http://www.openh264.org, which is sparse now but more coming soon.


Jonathan R.


Jonathan Rosenberg, PhD

VP, CTO Collaboration

Cisco Systems


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