[jitsi-dev] Fwd: Rest interface


It appears that the spam filters (or whatever filters there are) stop emails with any quantity of logs in them.

Hence I am sending this without the logging.

So I have learnt that rtcp mux only multiplexes the RTP and RTCP onto

one port. The channel bundle channels may share the same transport,
but don't share a port. I think this is now right.

Chrome and the Bridge are talking to each other, but not understanding
each other.

I have put some logging onto when the Bridge receives a message and when
it sends one. It follows below. (I start with the first message) I
have two questions:

a) Is there an easy way to get the value of an Attribute in a message so
I can log the values as well as what attributes a message has?

b) Is there anything obvious from the (now not) following as to why things are not
working. Obviously there is an "unknown attribute" coming in from
Chrome. That might be as a result of an error in my SDP. However, it
strikes me it would be useful to know what it is anyway.