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Hi Ray,

Please send replies to dev list, so that everyone can follow.

I'm not familiar yet with details of H264 as well as with these parts
of code. I'll take a look on it when I'll have the time as I currently
have other assignments. AnywayThanks for the file it may help solve
the issue.

About the NAL exception I rember that I had sometimes similiar to
those even when the video worked. It would help if you could provider
the stack trace for yours(from ADB output).


love.MPEG_4 (419 KB)


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hi, Pawel,
    Here i got a video if I point the mediarecorder output path to SD
card, hope it will be helpful to solve the problem if there're format
defferences between different devices,you may check it in HEX.
    I'm also confused about the handles about
、readNAL......is that aimed at extracting mdat from the stream?
Regards ,

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Subject: Re: [jitsi-dev] Fw:problem with jitisi-android

Hi Ray,

On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 6:22 AM, ray <95143848@qq.com> wrote:

hi , Pawel

please excuse me that i didn’t reply in time because I am not using mailing
list well.

I am excited for your replies:

Yes, I know the file descriptor should me point to local socket for
streaming ,but if I do so, the local preview would freeze in there, and no
video data passed to PC, sometimes audio freeze either.So I did a test ,if
I set the mediarecorder output path to SD card,the preview goes well, and
the viedo will be stored in SD card,of course ,no video will be transmitted
to PC. So I am wondering if there is something wrong with the thread

I test the jitsi-android with several MOBILRE, HUAWEI,GALAXY S3,now I am
using HTC ONE (OS version 4.1.2),the results are not much alike, when I am
using S3,the preview won’t freeze ,and I can see video is transmitting ,via
“call info”,but only messy frame was shown in the PC(I mean there is a so
called image ,but not exactly what it is), and this is the best result I got
until now.

I want to know what type MOBILE are you using in test,and what is your clue?

I test it on Asus Nexus 7. Does it freeze on all those devices ? It
would be great if you could figure out on what point exactly it
freezes. Does it return from method DataSource.createLocalSocket ? Is
it line 312: localSocket.connect(localServerSocket.getLocalSocketAddress());