[jitsi-dev] Fwd: Bug#735414: calls from Jitsi to JSCommunicator fail

Package: jitsi
Version: 2.3.4952-1

When I try making a call from Jitsi to JSCommunicator, it sends RTP/SAVP
or RTP/AVP depending upon the account security tab settings

However, JSCommunicator is expecting RTP/SAVPF

Jitsi seems to be able to respond to RTP/SAVPF when the call is
initiated from the other side. However, I can't see how to make Jitsi
initiate a call using RTP/SAVPF

When Jitsi receives a 488 "Not Acceptable Here" response, could it retry
the call with the RTP/SAVPF? Maybe the WebRTC client needs to send some
extra clue in the 488 to help Jitsi know that it needs to retry, if you
can suggest something like that, can you register it as in issue in
JsSIP's github?


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Subject: Bug#735414: calls from Jitsi to JSCommunicator fail
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