[jitsi-dev] Fwd: Bug#735406: needs to try multiple permutations of auth username

Package: jitsi
Version: 2.3.4952-1

When using the basic account setup (not clicking "Advanced"), Jitsi
tries to use the user part of the SIP address as the auth username

Some SIP providers use the entire SIP address as auth username, for
example, here the auth user is "pocock@debian.org" and not just "pocock"

Proxy-Authorization: Digest algorithm=MD5, username="pocock@debian.org",
uri="sip:debian.org", response="", qop=auth, cnonce="en7jlnt5ij4e",

and the user's password was hashed like so:

HA1=`echo -n pocock@debian.org:sip.debian.org:password | md5sum`

Compare this to the more common situation where

HA1=`echo -n pocock:sip.debian.org:password | md5sum`

It would be helpful if Jitsi would

a) try both permutations automatically when creating a new account

b) save the username that worked in the account settings (currently it
leaves the value blank in the settings, so it always has to try it
dynamically each time it is challenged)


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Date: Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 10:10 AM
Subject: Bug#735406: needs to try multiple permutations of auth username
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