[jitsi-dev] Fw:problem with jitisi-android


Have either of you looked at SpyDroid
or libstreaming https://github.com/fyhertz/libstreaming

When parsing the MP4 stream (MP4Parser.java) there's a comment that may be
relevant here as well:

newlen = ( buffer[3]&0xFF | (buffer[2]&0xFF)<<8 | (buffer[1]&0xFF)<<16 | (
buffer[0]&0xFF)<<24 ) - 8;

// 1061109559+8 correspond to "???" in ASCII the HTC Desire S seems to
write that sometimes, maybe other phones do

  if (newlen<=0 || newlen==1061109559) throw new IOException();

Ray, FYI I see the same gray video output on my Galaxy S3 phones. However,
if I make a call between the phone and my Mac. The phone will correctly
display the Mac's video.

- Oliver