[jitsi-dev] Fw:problem with jitisi-android


hi , Pawel

please excuse me that i didn't reply in time because I am not using mailing
list well.

I am excited for your replies:

Yes, I know the file descriptor should me point to local socket for
streaming ,but if I do so, the local preview would freeze in there, and no
video data passed to PC, sometimes audio freeze either.So I did a test ,if
I set the mediarecorder output path to SD card,the preview goes well, and
the viedo will be stored in SD card,of course ,no video will be transmitted
to PC. So I am wondering if there is something wrong with the thread

I test the jitsi-android with several MOBILRE, HUAWEI,GALAXY S3,now I am
using HTC ONE (OS version 4.1.2),the results are not much alike, when I am
using S3,the preview won't freeze ,and I can see video is transmitting ,via
"call info",but only messy frame was shown in the PC(I mean there is a so
called image ,but not exactly what it is), and this is the best result I got
until now.

I want to know what type MOBILE are you using in test,and what is your clue?

Thanks so much .

Best regards